• The CSCC is legally entrusted with the following mandate and regulatory responsibility

    * Monitoring and overseeing the implementation of the CSC across the private and public sector value chain.

    * Through the implementation of the CSC, address inequalities in the construction sector, by unlocking potential of the emerging contractors and enhance the sector’s growth.

    * Providing guidance on construction industry transformation and empowerment programme.

    * Providing annual reports to the DPW, the DTI and the BBBEE Advisory Council on the state of transformation and empowerment in the industry.

The executive authority of the CSCC is the responsibility of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE that is appointed in terms of the constitution. Acting on behalf of the Charter COUNCIL, EXCO is entrusted with the power to manage and control all the operational affairs. The CSCC EXCO is further responsible for guiding the CSCC in, amongst other things

  • Contracting professional service providers to carry out the institution’s strategic objectives.
  • Instituting and defending legal proceedings on behalf of the CSCC
  • Compiling reports on the status of BBBEE within the construction sector.
  • Developing and distributing appropriate practice notes, which notes shall provide guidance on construction empowerment related matters in the sector.
  • Reporting the Minister of Public Works, the Presidential BBBEE advisory council and the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) on transformation and empowerment related matters.
  • The work of the EXCO is processed through the support and functionality of committees structured in line with the following :
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Human Resources
    • Monitoring & Compliance
    • Communication